About Lima

Lima Asia Dynamics (LIMA) specializes in operating bespoke loyalty programs for the hospitality and brand conscious industry with advanced marketing and database management solutions.

All our Senior Directors have a combined 50 years of hands-on experience in the hotel and IT related industry.
Our in-house IT Team of professionals handles the complicated part of tackling all IT related issues with expert solutions.

Connecting Hotels and Guests Globally

Lima Asia Dynamics (LIMA) has a vision to be the world’s leading provider of premium loyalty programs to established hotels worldwide. For over 20 years, we have concentrated on partnering with some of the best hotels in the Asia Pacific Region, increasing their revenue by creating quality databases of loyal customers.

What we do

Loyalty Program

Inbound and Outbound Sales

Customer Care

IT & Web Development

What we have

Lima Vicidial Software is a complete Call Centre Solution. It can accommodate up to 45 telemarketing agents per server and 500 calls per second. Scalable to hundreds of logged in agents in a dedicated dialing server with integrated call record.

Other features include:
• previewing leads before dialing
• recording and listening to agent calls
• sending dropped calls to available agents or a voicemail inbox
• estimated hold times for inbound callers
• remote-agent calling
• cybersecurity web check to protect data, fraud, etc with regular web checking by our App experts and good for the Website
• multiple language support and more

LIMA’s Mobile Application

Gone are the days for traditionally printed vouchers or membership plastic cards. With LIMA’s technology and innovation in iOS and Android devices, members can now access their membership with just a few clicks at their fingertips. Secured and safe

With this option, Individual Hotel’s Complimentary Night Stay and e-vouchers in physical booklet form will no longer be a burden to inconveniently carry. Members can access and take action like, bookings and dining reservations at respective participating hotels and restaurants. Check and redeem reward points, purchase or renew membership. Receive relevant promos and push notifications based on their location, purchase history behaviour and preferences. One click on the app and the password and you're in

For those who are not familiar to use this technology, they can instantly contact LIMA Customer Service 24/7 365 days for immediate assistance and rest assured our dedicated Call Centre staff will get it done on their behalf. Secured and safe

LIMA’s detailed and secured tracking with two way POS/PMS integration will enhance and improve analytics, intelligence and security features. Thus eliminating time consuming effort to keep members happy and hotels will gain the additional revenue

Hotels and Company Brands can consider the traditional way, opt for Mobile App or both combined. Read More >