SMS Marketing

Mobile SMS marketing is the finest solution for any commerce nowadays. Mobile Marketing has accomplished its incursion into marketing division to formulate huge difference. Mobile SMS is renowned as a good Mobile advertising tool. Mobile SMS promotion is acting an imperative role in India to attain the right targeted audience at the given point of time to implement excellent Mobile SMS service.
We, at Lima Asia Dynamics IT SOLUTIONS, deliver Bulk SMS in a modified and tailored form on the basis of encompassing straight connectivity with foremost telecom operators. We formulate text promotion speedy and effortless by assisting you with crusade construction, result tracking, deliveries scheduling along with the elasticity to uphold your customer s lists just the way you desire to.
It is easy, direct and cautious. Send SMS Text Messages with the assistance of any Internet connection from all across the globe. You may get ongoing with just a couple of steps.
You may choose the client database as per city wise, state-wise, target business wise etc. You may send SMS s to catalogs owned by us, or you can introduce your catalog of opted-in contacts and we will propel bulk text messages to them with a single click.
We administer client database and send your SMS on your behalf with your correspondent id and contact details to the clients of your choice. Clients can text your mobile keyword to a petite code and join your contact list. You will be offered with delivery reports of the activity.