E-mail Marketing

If your website is the address where you create your contacts in the World Wide Web, then an e-mail is the medium to secure the loyalty of your existing clientele. Capturing the address of your client is a crucial initiative to elicit that timely response from them in the near future and in the long run it is the perfect approach to remind them of your brand s presence. At Lima Asia Dynamics IT SOLUTIONS, we take pride in our experience in conceptualizing and delivering email marketing strategies across verticals with ease in consultation and reporting as we send out thousands of e-mailers containing the right message.
We not only send across electronic communication to elicit a response in form of a query or booking from your client, we also design HTML creative, decide on the nature of the content as well as create a promotion of copy that calls for action. If creating the perfect e-mailer is the first step, then the second step at Lima Asia Dynamics IT SOLUTIONS is setting up and managing email campaigns and the third step includes reporting the success of the e-mail marketing campaign.

Our E-mail Marketing Solution Includes: