Online Marketing

Credit internet with a reach that is unimaginable by any other media. For the medium, every second is a moment of dissemination and undoubtedly the phenomenon is ever-penetrating and contagious. This is why we recommend online marketing for your business. Internet is an advertising platform that ensures you a vast reach at fewer costs. Introducing your product or service online itself is not enough. If you want to reach the right audience, there should be a thorough comprehension about the methodology and also a constant watch of the ever-evolving trends. Here is where Lima Asia Dynamics IT SOLUTIONS can assist you. With 10 years of industry experience and resourceful team members, we effectively boast of an appreciable portfolio of happy clientele.
Internet marketing is a many-fold tactic in advertising and involves e-mail, SMS, article, affiliate and press release marketing. We bring all these into our ambit in many cost-effective packages that can ensure maximum benefits for your business. E-mail marketing Keep your customers informed and engaged. We give you professional help in drafting high impact e-mails, newsletters and promotions. Maintain the bond with your current customers and earn the trust of prospective customers. With e-mail marketing, you get desirable responses both instantly and in the long run.

Affiliate marketing
Online visibility for your website is all-together important to promote your endeavours in the virtual world too. When we take it up for you, it is affiliate marketing. Coming to the promotion of your products or services online, Lima Asia Dynamics IT SOLUTIONS do it in a dynamic way with assured results that no one else can deliver you.

SMS Marketing
SMS offers a faster, easier and straight connectivity to your target audience. With the right tactics, we at Lima Asia Dynamics IT SOLUTIONS help you to tap your business potential by reaching the database of customers you offer us. Choose SMS marketing with us to promote the texts easily and effortlessly to anyone you wish, to any part of the world.

Article Marketing
In our hands, this interactive and effectual online marketing method is executed in a meticulous manner. We understand your business, painstakingly research on the topics and deliver functional write-ups to the reader. We employ several SEO practices too so as to ensure the maximum impact.

Press Release Marketing
This is a very fruitful and convincing way to reach your clients. At Lima Asia Dynamics IT SOLUTIONS, we stand with you all the way from writing the Press Releases to posting them to the right editors. Our cognizant and dexterous writers ensure that your business gets all the attention it deserves.